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“Partner with Clicks Convert and we'll be the architects of your digital success. Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology with empathetic, insightful strategies to deliver comprehensive 360° marketing solutions.

At Clicks Convert, we empower your business to outpace disruptors, elevate engagement, and stay ahead of market trends. Join us in redefining the boundaries of digital marketing, ensuring that every click translates into tangible success, and experience growth like never before.”

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Are Your Efforts Yielding Tangible Results?

Is your investment truly driving growth? At Clicks Convert, we understand the challenges businesses face when scaling up. We work with you to make sure that every click counts, ensuring every minute and every penny is an investment towards your success. 

Let us steer your business towards its true potential!

  • What are the benefits of using Clicks Convert?

    All our sites are built from scratch – your site is uniquely yours. It’s our penchant for quality at every turn which maximises the effectiveness of your website, in generating quality relevant leads, to drive business expansion. Our design decisions are backed with 20 years of User Design (UX) experience and 12 years of Wordpress experience. 

    Clicks Convert seasoned Search-Engine-Optimisation specialists, create a plan to tailor each of the pages of your website to match a specific search on Google, and other search engines.  This approach, embracing relevance,  amplifies the growth of your website traffic.

    Thus your tailor-made web presence, becomes a fine-tuned lead generation machine, ensuring a higher rate of visitors with intent to purchase over those with casual interest.

    Websites are so much more than just billboard advertisements. At Clicks Convert, we build multi-faceted websites, aiming for success at every level. 

    Our ethos is to virtually build several websites into one site – a text website to be optimised for search engines. A rich clear graphical site for user-friendliness. A super fast site, meeting core web vitals, for both users and for search engines.  And a site with many touchpoints, crafting a seamless customer journey, promoting interactions and the free flow of information that potential customers require at every step of their discovery process. 

  • Is a website still relevant in 2024?

    Absolutely! Perhaps even more so!

    Getting online enables you to reach more people locally or outside of your region while paying less for the exposure – and you can even measure the specific results.

    If you don’t have a website, potential customers searching for your site, may lose trust in your brand.

    While there are other options for creating an online presence, such as social media accounts and rapid development platforms, they don’t offer the same level of control and customisation that a Clicks Convert bespoke website will provide.

  • What is the purpose of a website for business?

    It’s your digital business card, your round-the-clock salesman, and comprehensive brand research platform all in one.

    The website acts to attract new customers and enquiries. Also, to elevate your brand and develop trust.

    This is achieved by a well-designed, fast, custom website. Tailored uniquely to your business, to attract quality relevant leads.

  • How can we increase the number of visitors to our website?

    By adding more pages to the site, that are tailored to a specific search term, your website will rank in the top search engine results for many more terms and enjoy the vast flow of relevant traffic that comes from these coveted top search engine positions. 

    A useful addition to any website is a Blog where search engine optimised articles can be posted. This does not need to be named “Blog” – it can be something like “News” or “Resources”.  Each additional article added, addresses another specific set of Search Queries – driving web traffic.

    Over time, with many pages and articles added, your website will be ranking high on the results page for many additional Search Terms related to your business, amplifying site visitors. Every page and article added to your site is like having an extra ticket for the lottery of getting traffic to your site. The more pages a website has – the more opportunity to attract new customers to the website. 

  • I have heard of Keywords - what are they?

    Every time someone searches on a search engine, such as Google, this is called a Search Query. Keywords are the terms that people use in their Search Queries to find relevant information on the internet.

    Keywords fall into two categories: Short-Tail Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords. A short-tail keyword is broad and consists of one or two words, like “shoes.” A long-tail keyword is more specific and usually contains three or more words, like “women’s running shoes sale.”

    There will be so much competition for a short-tail keyword like “Shoes” that it is often a waste of resources to try to rank on that keyword. However, targeting long-tail keywords can gradually help your site to also rank for more competitive, short-tail keywords.

    The SEO experts at Clicks Convert will tailor the ideal SEO strategy specifically for your business. This strategy will be built on thorough research, including a strategic order to target keywords and assigning them to specific pages for optimal results.

  • What happens to websites that don’t do Search Engine Optimisation?

    If you don’t do SEO – Search Engines will think that you are trying to rank every page for every search term that potential customers may enter into search engines. 

    While it may appear to be a good idea – this strategy translates to your website showing far down in the search results.   For example, with a search on “mens hiking boots,” Google  will not want to show “woman’s tennis shoes” – otherwise Google would quickly lose their user base!

    Search engines reward relevance of pages to queries. It is this precise work of Clicks Convert SEO experts that gets your pages to rank in prized top, traffic-driving, positions rather than on page ten of the search results page.

What packages do Clicks Convert offer?

  • Starter Website Package

    • Custom website design with up to 5 pages
    • Home, About Us, Services, Blog, Contact Us
    • Basic SEO setup including keyword research and meta tags for the homepage
    • Mobile-responsive design
    • Basic contact form
    • Hosting on state-of-the-art managed dedicated server
  • Starter SEO Package

    • SEO article writing packages comprising 2 SEO articles written per month
    • Ongoing SEO services to improve search rankings
    • Regular keyword analysis
    • Internal Linking
  • Business Website Package

    • Custom website design with up to 10 pages, including all Starter Package features
    • Enhanced SEO setup with keyword optimisation for all pages
    • Content Management System (CMS) integration for easy updates
    • Google Analytics setup for traffic analysis
    • Advanced contact forms with custom fields
  • Business SEO Package

    • SEO article writing packages comprising 4 SEO articles written per month.
    • Including all Starter SEO Package features above
    • Backlink strategy
    • Link Profile Management
    • On-Page SEO
  • Premium Website Package

    • Advanced custom website design with 20 store pages and unlimited product pages
    • Comprehensive SEO strategy, including long-tail keyword targeting
    • E-commerce functionality with payment gateway integration
    • Custom CMS with training for your team
    • Ongoing website maintenance and support for 1 year
    • Performance optimisation and security enhancements
  • Premium SEO Package

    • SEO article writing packages comprising 8 SEO articles written per month.
    • Including all Business SEO Package features above
    • Ecommerce Specific SEO
    • International SEO
    • Enhanced On-Page SEO
    • Enhanced Off-Page SEO
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